Liesenfeld Institute

For the development of the authentic self.

Our research focus

The development of the authentic self

About us

Liesenfeld Research Institute was founded to connect research and practice on a holistic level.

We strive to contribute to the newest findings in personality development and make complex knowledge and research manageable for the implementation in personality development settings to empower individuals towards an authentic self-concept.


We seek to make our research available and manageable.

In our library, you find our up to date research outcomes. In various articles and papers, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of how to develop authentic and healthy personalities. Aiming to make findings applicable for yourself and in your work with individuals.


Keep yourself up to date on our latest news.

We let you know which conferences we will present at and where we engage. Always happy to meet interested people and receive feedback on our latest work.

Contact us

Whether you want to know more about our research, you are interested to get involved or you just want to leave us a feedback, we are always happy to hear from you.

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